SSSILK uses entirely deadstock fabrics and reclaimed materials sourced from second-hand shops. Dealing exclusively in natural fibres, founder and self-styled "She E.O" Alice Stephenson makes all her pieces by hand, with an emphasis on one-off designs.

Having learnt her trade at Lebanese American University in Beirut, Nathalie Saad established NATA Studio - a brand creating story-led designs with a socially conscious sensibility. Now based in Madrid, Saad's brand specialises in limited supply and careful construction, emphasising quality and sustainability at the heart of their design practice.

A limited edition 20-piece collection created by jewellery designer Charlotte Lavergne in collaboration with Parisian vintage store, at dawn. At dawn owners Alyssa and Matthieu, founded the store in 2020 to combine their passion for one-of-a-kind vintage treasures sourced from all over the world.


Inspired by London’s melting pot of multiplicity in all its shades, MELT is the jewellery brand for the modern wearer. MELT creates thoughtfully-crafted fair-trade pieces from 925 Sterling Silver, adorned with ethically sourced crystals and gemstones from diverse provenances, and does so as part of a mission to replace the wear and discard cycle of modern consumer culture, with a more sustainable, innovative and dynamic model of use.


Generation Zordan is the cradle of designer Gloria’s ideas born from ceramics and goldsmithing, in fact the project wants to make nature, technology and experimentation communicate to each other. Ceramics and jewels together generate an earth-person relationship, but also a boundless and utopian sense.


Combining traditional Galician artisanal techniques with a contemporary vision, Rígido has been delivering sustainable, unique jewellery designs since its inception in 2020. United in their mission to deliver handcrafted objects that stand the test of time, founders Carla Barral and Javier González’s pieces are intended to serve as an extension of their wearer – dissolving the boundaries between object and self.


Designed to elevate the everyday, House of Sunny has been creating unique pieces out of their Hackney studio since 2011. Placing quality and sustainability at the heart of their design practice, the brand is committed to working against the fast fashion conveyor belt, creating responsibility manufactured garments that are designed to stand the test of time.


Founded in 2014, Eyland is a jewellery brand creating playful designs that tread the line between vintage homage and modern reimagining. Eyland pieces are the product of their creator’s eclectic reference points; instantly recognisable statement pieces, made to be enjoyed.


The brainchild of independent designer Zoe Fenne-Bavis, Nowhere Soon is a London-based jewellery brand using ancient casting techniques and sustainable materials to create pieces that speak to the fluctuating state of human psychology. Fenne-Bavis’s designs – formed through freestyle hand work – are intended to serve as totems; touchstones that re-connect the wearer to moments in their life.


Taking her inspiration from the natural world, Phoebe Walsh is a London-based jeweller using ancient casting techniques to transform foraged botanicals into fine gold and silver pieces. Her designs celebrate the humility and imperfection of nature, whilst also drawing together cross-cultural tropes from the worlds of myth, folklore and ancient history.


ANMAES BEADS is a small project brought to life by Ana Tanase, a multidisciplinary creative and art student. All pieces are handmade in London, each being created with love and sustainability in mind. At its core, the project is an exploration of Ana’s creativity and inner self, as well as an escape from reality and a journey back in time.


Samudāy is a London-based, community interest fashion company supporting those living in underprivileged areas. The brand creates high-value knitwear inspired by creative workshops and interventions for children that they host globally. Proceeds are then reinvested into improving child health and education outcomes in high and low-income countries.


Founded by Bonnie Bowley in 2018, Léopoldine plays with modes of female dress throughout the ages, from medieval to modern day, creating a uniquely contemporary aesthetic laced with romanticism. Taking particular inspiration from the occult, punk and natural world to create pieces that are inherently femininist and timelessly beautiful.


Amsterdam-based brand TOËR specialise in unique handbags with an avant-garde feel. Their designs - a marriage of style and technical fabrics - are characterised by bold, eye-catching colour ways and amulets made from plexiglass leftovers.


Having cut her teeth in the couture studio of Maison Margiela under the tutelage of John Galliano, Sydney Pimbley launched her own label in 2019. A one-time recipient of the highly esteemed LVMH Grand Prix Scholarship, Pimbley collages unique fabrics from eclectic sources, to create multi-layered designs that speak to the craft of their maker.


With a background in textiles and interior architecture, self-taught ceramic artist Ruby Kinnear-Jones is a designer exploring scale, texture and colour through clay and the chemical interactions between glazes. Whilst designing this series of textural studies, pieces have been developed to be both adaptable and functional to its owner – whilst also being enriched with enough character to work as stand-alone art objects.


The distinctive vision of Miami-based designer Erika Hanna, JAEST is a fashion house building its home in the space between contraries. In her proclivity for distressed cuts and modern materials, Hanna imbues her designs with a sense of studios disinterest; their tears and tatters, which seem to be the product of a happy accident, are really the deliberate marks of a discerning eye.


American-Palestinian fine artist and emerging designer Chanel Alorsan debuted her line of hand-dyed, semi-sheer tights in April 2021. Characterised by their bright hues and contrasting colours – the results of her interest in experimenting with colourants – Alorsan designs products that are both eye-catching and intimate to the wearer.


The brainchild of two London College of Fashion graduates, CREASE is a sustainable label creating elegant lingerie designs with an emphasis on giving comfort and confidence to the wearer. Grounded in a belief that garments should be built to last, CREASE's commitment to sustainability pervades every level of its being, from materials to manufacturers and beyond.


A recent graduate of Edinburgh College of Art’s Fashion Design course, Holly Macleod is a seriously exciting young designer, with a mission to put the fun back in fashion. Taking inspiration from an eclectic range of influences, she combines eye-catching prints with classic cuts and materials, to create designs that are both joyfully eccentric and highly wearable.


South London's Matilda Little is a self-taught jeweller with an innovative approach to design. Having trained in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, her jewellery pieces are characterised by many of the same themes that dominate her paintings, particularly in their representation of the human form in all its abstract and imaginative permutations.


El Bras by El Domoney is a lingerie brand using conscious craft and sustainable practice to create elegant made to order sets. All items are constructed from up-cycled, vintage materials, and made with the wearer's comfort in mind.


Having tried his hand at silversmithing during a day course, Monty Curran decided to resurrect his jewellery-making skills, using online resources and personal practice to hone his craft. What started as a hobby however soon turned into a business, as he began to draw an increasingly devoted clientele, and started to experiment with new techniques and styles.

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